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Project Description

Client needed an interactive and mobile friendly mathematical puzzle application designed and integrated into their WordPress site.

I chose to build the app using P5.js and created a custom plugin to integrate it into the WordPress site.

The puzzle app has the following features:

  • Interactive mathematical puzzle which can have multiple solutions
  • Algorithmically check if one of the solutions has been found
  • Interactive timer which records how long it took to solve the puzzle
  • Ability to save scores based on time spend solving the puzzle
  • Competitive scoreboard listing scores of all members utilizing WordPress API
  • Generate member usernames to obfuscate identity of members
  • Securely limit access to sensitive member info since WordPress API in use
  • Member-specific score history
  • Graph of member score history for each puzzle type
  • Puzzle composer with different levels of access based on membership level, allowing members to create their own puzzles. This was also built to be mobile adaptive.