Karmik Outdoors

WordPress Site – https://karmikoutdoors.com Project Description Karmik Outdoors is a WordPress based web application that allows members to purchase special decals containing QR codes and place them on physical equipment, in order to retrieve lost outdoors gear like fishing, hunting, or camping equipment, etc. The web application essentially provides a lost & found service by …

EksWhy.com Interactive Puzzle App

WordPress Site – https://ekswhy.com Project Description Client needed an interactive and mobile friendly mathematical puzzle application designed and integrated into their WordPress site. I chose to build the app using P5.js and created a custom plugin to integrate it into the WordPress site. The puzzle app has the following features: Interactive mathematical puzzle which can …

Wet Shaving Club

WordPress Site – https://wetshavingclub.com Project Description Tasked with the following: Redesign entire homepage Build custom interactive animated slider for homepage to illustrate main value proposition Create animated bar graph to further illustrate value proposition Create custom popup with embedded quiz for enhanced CRO Redesign product categories page Create custom tabs component for product categories


WordPress Site – https://businessbuilder360.com Project Description Tasked with the following: Alter site logo based on member subscription to make site behave as a web portal Redirect logged in member to correct page based on subscription Send custom emails to admin containing information about member signups


WordPress Site – http://onthebid.com Project Description I was tasked with modification of a default WordPress theme to achieve the following: Integration of mobile friendly ad spaces Integration of scrolling stock ticker and other real-time stock widgets Integration and design of email capture popups Design and implementation of color scheme based on logo Miscellaneous adjustments to …