Project goal

Goal was to redesign the Sanitair Wix Site homepage ( and make it highly convertible I was tasked with conducting a redesign focused only on the homepage due to budget constraints, such that the homepage would be Search Engine Optimized and Conversion Rate Optimized

The homepage previously had too much content and was disorganized and difficult to follow. The homepage was poorly designed with bad aesthetics and color scheme, making it look unprofessional. The homepage also did not provide any effective call to action links. These were the major problems that needed to be fixed to enhance the site’s Conversion Rate Optimization.

The homepage was also built with unstructured HTML which was a problem that needed to be fixed to enhance the site’s Search Engine Optimization



To solve these problems and achieve the project’s main goal, I conducted the following design and development tasks:

  • Make header more compact to fit main value proposition content “above the fold” on the page to enhance CRO
  • Organized and rebuilt the main navigation menu
  • Add facebook and google links to header
  • Simplified color scheme
  • Make the homepage mobile friendly
  • Identified main value propositions of the business
  • Organized these main value propositions and edited messaging into easily digestible content to enhance both SEO and CRO
  • Organized content sections such that the top of the page contains concise summary of the product and services, and as the user scrolls down the page they encounter more detailed content, to enhance CRO
  • Utilized proper HTML tags for each content section to enhance SEO
  • Added call to action buttons to key locations on the page to enhance CRO