WordPress Site – https://karmikoutdoors.com

Project Description

Karmik Outdoors is a WordPress based web application that allows members to purchase special decals containing QR codes and place them on physical equipment, in order to retrieve lost outdoors gear like fishing, hunting, or camping equipment, etc.

The web application essentially provides a lost & found service by allowing anybody with a mobile device to scan the QR code on a decal, so that if they find lost gear out in nature, they can scan the decal on the gear and report it to the Karmik Outdoors website.

If a decal owner has an active membership with the site, they will receive email notifications about gear that has been found.

I was tasked with the following for this site:

  • Redesign and fix visual aspects of much of the site
  • Build in checks for membership to control whether found gear notifications get sent to gear owners
  • Build in facebook and google authentication buttons for convenient login/signup
  • Gate access to the decal registration form so that only members can register gear
  • Create a gear repository UI to manage and edit details of registered gear
  • Construct a system of subscription such that membership comes automatically with the purchase of the first decal, and automatic renewal is based on the date of the decal registration, with the renewal amount being calculated based on the number of registered decals